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The New EU Frontier. Tallinn, Estonia | 5-10 August 2024





About Us.

The New EU Frontier 2024” conference presents a comprehensive exploration of Estonia’s increasing significance in European digital and environmental innovation. Featuring discussions on Estonia’s pioneering e-governance systems, its role in the digital single market of the EU, and advancements in renewable energy, the conference dives into Estonia’s dynamic economic and cultural contributions.

It also spotlights opportunities for investment in Estonia’s tech sector, its strategies for sustainable development, and the expansion of digital infrastructure connecting it with Europe. Gathering industry leaders, technology innovators, and cultural scholars, this event promises to highlight Estonia’s pivotal role in shaping European digital landscapes and green initiatives.



panels & topics of discussions during the conference

Digital Governance and EU Integration: Estonia’s Blueprint for Europe

Explore Estonia’s digital governance excellence, a global benchmark for e-administration. This panel discusses adapting Estonia’s solutions for EU-wide transparency, efficiency, and citizen involvement.

Innovations in Renewable Energy: Leading the Green Transition

Uncover Estonia’s leading role in renewable energy, especially in wind and biomass. This conference focuses on innovations, investments, and policies driving Europe’s green transition, with insights from stakeholders.

The Cybersecurity Frontier: Safeguarding Europe’s Digital Landscape

Grasp Estonia’s advanced cybersecurity measures crucial for Europe’s digital security amid rising threats. This session convenes experts to strategize enhancing digital security and shaping the future of cyber defense in the EU.

Estonia as a Tech Startup Haven: Fostering Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Estonia, a European tech entrepreneurship hub, offers insights into the startup ecosystem. Entrepreneurs, investors, and policymakers will discuss funding, incubators, and governmental support.

Cross-Border Digital Infrastructure: Connecting the Baltic to the Broader EU

Spotlight on expanding digital infrastructure for seamless EU connectivity. This session explores projects enhancing digital connectivity across Europe, including data centers and high-speed broadband.


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Our Focus

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Strengthening Relations

The evolving digital and economic interdependencies between Estonia and the European Union take the spotlight in this crucial dialogue. As we explore how Estonia’s pioneering digital infrastructure and green initiatives integrate seamlessly with EU policies and markets, this conference aims to highlight the strategies for deeper collaboration. Tallinn proves to be the perfect setting for these vital discussions, showcasing Estonia’s role as a leader in driving forward Europe’s digital and environmental future.

Strategies for Integration

Integration lies at the core of our conversations. In the dynamically evolving digital and environmental sectors of Europe, there is a critical necessity to develop and execute effective strategies that enhance Estonia’s integration into EU economies. This event is designed to leverage collective expertise and innovative solutions to ensure sustained growth and prosperity, positioning Estonia as a model of digital and environmental integration within the EU.



discover where the conference takes place

Tallinn, Estonia, is an exemplary location for this year’s conference due to its status as a beacon of technological innovation and environmental sustainability within Europe. Renowned for its digital infrastructure and e-governance systems, Tallinn offers a glimpse into the future of digital administration and smart city solutions. Its commitment to green initiatives and renewable energy further underscores its role as a leader in sustainable development. The city combines historic charm with modern efficiency, providing a vibrant backdrop that fosters creativity and collaboration. Hosting the conference in Tallinn not only capitalizes on its advanced technological landscape but also provides attendees with a unique opportunity to experience firsthand the pioneering practices that have set Estonia apart on the European stage.


Why Attend?

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Insight into Evolving Trade Dynamics

Understand the recent trends and future projections of trade between Estonia and the EU. Explore the most important sectors for import and export from the biggest operations to niche trades.

Networking Opportunities

Engage with key stakeholders, policymakers, and business leaders from both Estonia and the EU. Meet specialists and company representatives from a wide range of commerce and grow thanks to new partnerships.

Dive into Niche Topics

Learn from the experts about Estonian and European business models to understand the past, present and future of the relations between these countries and learn how to use this knowledge in your international operations.

Discover Investment Opportunities

Explore new businesses and potential areas of collaboration. Obtain rooted knowledge of investment opportunities in all production and economic sectors from specialists and attendees.

Strategic Discussions

Confront challenges and discuss potential solutions to better integrate the Estonian economy into the European trade. Be part of a discussion about the importance of major integration between the market.

Enjoy your Time

Attend our conference in Tallinn to not only engage in dynamic business activities but also immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and atmosphere, offering a unique blend of cultural experiences.


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