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The New EU Frontier. Chisinau, Moldova | 5-17 August 2023





About Us.

“The New EU Frontier 2023” conference offers an enriching exploration of Moldova’s evolving role in European trade and cultural dynamics. With panels on the historical Silk Road’s impact on modern Moldova-EU relations, agricultural innovations, and sustainable practices in Moldova, the conference delves into multifaceted economic and cultural connections.

It also highlights investment opportunities, Moldova’s mineral wealth, and the enhancement of transport links with Europe. Bringing together business leaders, cultural experts, and industry pioneers, this event promises to illuminate Moldova’s integral role in European commerce, culture, and infrastructure development.ement strategy android growth hacking ramen buyer.


Our Focus

panels & topics of discussions during the conference

Tracing the Footprints of Trade from China to Europe

Agri-Innovations and Sustainability in Moldova

The Cultural Aspects of Trade and Their Impact on Moldova-EU Relations

Moldova’s Mineral Might: Unlocking Potential and Exploring Export Avenues


Discussion Topics




Networking Opportunities


Project Ideas to Realise



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Strengthening Relations

The intricate trade relations between the EU and Moldova are the focal point. As the intertwining histories, economies, and cultures of the two entities take center stage, this gathering promises to shed light on the strategies to further integrate Moldova’s economy into the vast European trade networks. With significant statistics underscoring the weight of this relationship and the potential that lies ahead, Chisinau emerges as the fitting backdrop for this essential dialogue.

Strategies for Integration

Integration serves as the heart of our discussions. In the evolving European landscape, there’s a pressing need to devise and implement effective strategies that facilitate Moldova’s, and by extension, Eastern Europe’s integration into the EU economies. Without a strategic roadmap, the potential of such integrations might remain untapped. This event aims to harness collective expertise to ensure mutual growth and prosperity.


The Venue

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This International event is held at the Radisson Blu hotel, a global institution of the hotellerie. Its position in the city center, close to parks, museums and attractions is the ideal location for business travelers. The Radisson has an equipped business center with conference and meeting rooms as well as a deluxe catering service. The dinners for this event will be hosted in the grand dining room accompanied by live music and speeches.


Why Attend?

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Insight into Evolving Trade Dynamics

Understand the recent trends and future projections of trade between Moldova and the EU. Explore the most important sectors for import and export from the biggest operations to niche trades.

Networking Opportunities

Engage with key stakeholders, policymakers, and business leaders from both Moldova and the EU. Meet specialists and company representatives from a wide range of commerce and grow thanks to new partnerships.

Dive into Niche Topics

Learn from the experts about Moldovan and European business models to understand the past, present and future of the relations between these countries and learn how to use this knowledge in your international operations.

Discover Investment Opportunities

Explore new businesses and potential areas of collaboration. Obtain rooted knowledge of investment opportunities in all production and economic sectors from specialists and attendees.

Strategic Discussions

Confront challenges and discuss potential solutions to better integrate the Moldovan economy into the European trade. Be part of a discussion about the importance of major integration between the market.

Enjoy your Time

Attend our conference in Chisinau to not only engage in dynamic business activities but also immerse yourself in the city’s rich history and atmosphere, offering a unique blend of cultural experiences.


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The Venue

Radisson Blu Hotel, Chisinau